Strengthening Your Bones: 5 Easy Steps

 Strengthening Your Bones: 5 Easy Steps

Bones play an integral role in the body. Right from providing shape, protecting all the organs, and storing calcium, to anchoring your muscles, bones do it all! And taking care of its proper development, since childhood is paramount. However, you can even take care of your bone health in adulthood and strengthen the same. 


Adopting the correct measures to protect your bone health is way easier than you imagine it to be! You just need to follow certain steps to effectively maintain healthy bones. Are you still wondering how to make bones and joints strong? Well, we have got you covered! Let's see some simple and easy steps that you can add to your daily routine to enhance your bone health. 

Why Is It Important to Take Care of Bone Health?  

Your bones are constantly remodeling since your childhood. During childhood, your body works to create new bones by breaking the old ones, hence, increasing your bone mass. This increase reaches its peak when your age hits 30. 


The remodeling process of your bones continues, but the bone mass tends to decrease faster than gain. Did you know that by losing bone mass at a faster pace, you are prone to develop osteoporosis, a specific health condition where bones become extremely weak? 


Your bone health is affected by different aspects, that includes food habits, lack of exercise, hormone levels, and certain others. To avoid suffering from weak bone health, you need to have the correct food for strong bones and joints along with maintaining daily exercises! 


Top 5 Easy Steps to Maintain a Good Bone Health

Do you want to slow down your bone loss and learn how to make bones strong like steel? Check out these 5 simple steps that you can follow to ensure good bone health. 


·        Add Calcium to Your Daily Diet: Do you know that calcium is the most important component of bone that helps in maintaining bone density? With a low amount of calcium in your body, your bones will become fragile, with higher chances of breaking. 


As an adult, aged between 19 to 50 years, you are supposed to consume at least 1000 mg of calcium every day! To make sure that you consume a sufficient amount of calcium every day, add food items like dairy products, soy products, nuts, broccoli, and fish such as salmon. These bone-strengthening foods will effectively work in reducing the loss of bone density. 


·        Do Not Ignore Vitamin D: With Vitamin D, your body gets the ability to absorb calcium in appropriate amounts. Milk, fatty fish, fortified yogurts, and fortified plant-based products, everything consists of Vitamin D. 


     If you are finding it hard to manage the consumption of Vitamin D-rich foods, talk to your dietician for supplements! 

·        Add-on Enough Nutrients: Among the 5 ways to keep the skeletal system healthy, adding the right nutrients to your diet is the step that you cannot leave out. Include varieties of food items that are rich in protein, potassium, magnesium, and Vitamin K. 


Consuming healthy food items like fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, meat, fish, tofu, and others will help in building your muscles and reduce the chances of the formation of osteoporosis. 

·        Take Up Physical Activities Every Day: Consider taking up at least some physical activities every day. A short morning or evening walk, a daily few minutes of jogging, and simple exercises, all can add to enhancing your bone health. 


     Do you know how long does it take to build bone density? The total period ranges from around three to four months, which can be delayed during osteoporosis! But with these simple physical activities, you can have an amazing booster of bone density. 


·        Limit Alcohol or Caffeine Consumption: Both excess consumptions of caffeine or alcohol reduces the calcium absorption capacity in your body. To limit the chances of their contribution to bone loss, reduce your daily consumption of caffeine-based products and alcohol for the good health of your bones! 


Seek A Dietician for Further Help

If you want to learn more about taking care of bones and muscles properly, seek advice from a medical professional or health expert. Apart from these simple steps, you can consult with your dietician or expert and ask for supplements that will help in building your bone density and fighting against osteoporosis! 


Your dietician will assess your food habits and make a chart of food for strong bones and muscles. And, will check if you are having enough of the right nutrients needed for your bone health. 




If you are thinking it is hard to maintain strong bones and joints, then you are completely wrong! With these simple and easy 5 ways to keep your bones and muscles strong, you are sure to expect better results! 


Make sure you develop healthy eating habits by including the right nutrients. Besides this, you need to focus on trying some exercises or at least take out a few minutes from your everyday schedule to walk and enjoy better bone health. 


Stay tuned for more interesting topics and remedies from Dr. Ajay Singh Thakur, a renowned Consultant Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Surgeon.


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